In this particular historical period of social distancing, for the lovers of the breed, we thought about a nice game, an “online dog show” with the only aim of having fun together, getting involved by learning more about the breed and the standard and spend time together.

Organized and managed by Martina Ossola, owner of Fillory kennel, founder of the Facebook group Sheltie Italy – Shetland Sheepdog Italia. Inspired by and in collaboration with Spritz & Collies Virtual Show created by Alex Solbiati from the dog school Wild Dreams and breeder of Rough Collies.

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SOON WE WILL SEND YOU EMAIL AND PUBLISH evaluations of all dogs, divided into classes, with points and comments.

Before seeing results, please read this words from the Judge Marion Ten Cate:
Explanation of my judging.

First of all I like thank all participants for entering their dogs. You all have done your best to  send nice photo’s and video’s . I think it was a lovely entry and I understood that the photo’s were send from many different countries which is nice. I enjoyed this virtual dog show but it was really hard work. It was a lot more work than I expected because I had to look at the photo’s and video’s over and over again.  Although I can see a lot about the quality of a dog on the photo- when the photo is made  in the correct way. I still missed my hands to feel whether I was right or not. Coat sometimes hides the body shape.  Another problem is size. Which is not always easy to estimate. Sometimes a big handler makes a dog look small or a small handler can make a dog look big. I could not check the teeth. In the showring presentation and temperament is also important . So it might happen that in real life I will grade the dog  different because than I can touch it and see the whole picture . Than I can compare the dogs and let them move again to see which one moves best.

I hope you are happy with the results.

Kind regards, Marion ten Cate

Classes: baby, junior, champion, working, veteran

Adult class


Everyone can participate! Even those who have never attended an official dog show will be able to take part. Take a look on the dog published as an example and try it!
Sheltie with ears up are also allowed, even if they are not in standard. They will receive a low score on the ears, but they will have a chance to get involved in all the other part of the judgment.


  • Send 2 photos and 1 video of your dog (or dogs) to
    Please, if possible position the dog on a surface in which feet can be well visible.

    PHOTO 1: subject seen from the side, then in the “stand” position, like the dog is placed in the ring, perpendicular to the person who is taking the picture, to evaluate the body. Take the picture from the same level of the dog. Attention: bluemerle shelties must have pictures of both side to evaluate the colour.
    PHOTO 2: subject seen from the front, then with ears in attention and eyes towards the person who is taking the photo, to evaluate the head.
    VIDEO: to see the movement of the dog, if you can, please record a video of the movement forward / backward from the person who is recording the video and a circle counterclockwise, with the dog on your left. The movement must be a trot, a slow walk is not good, neither a run. Usually a quick walking of the person is fine with shetlands to make them trot.

  • Add a small description: YOUR NAME AND SURNAME, PEDIGREE NAME OF THE DOG, DATE OF BIRTH OF THE DOG, CLASS (young, adult, champion, etc), SEX OF THE DOG.




Both in the photos and in the video, the person’s face must not be seen.
Photographs must be natural and simple, not retouched, they should also be taken with a cell phone.
Remember that even if there is a ranking and a score, the aim is to have fun and learn together!


You can send the email until 24th May 2020.
Date of publication of judgement forms: 1st June 2020 (this date may be delayed based on the technical times of judgment of the photos).
If the email is heavy and you can’t send it, you can use wetransfer, a simple and free program.


Dogs’ information are necessary to create the different categories, but your name and dog’s name will be shown only when results will be published.
The files will be published gradually in order of receipt and will be visible to everybody.
The dogs will be divided into classes by age, according to the day of receipt of the photos, each with its own number.

The classes will be:

– baby (2-6 months)
– puppies (6-9 months)
– junior (9-18 months)
– adults (18 months-8 years)
– champions (adults which are already champion)
– working (adults which have obtained HWT)
– veterans (8 years and up)

Each dog can be entered only in 1 class.
The results will be published in the page of the partecipants.


The Judge is Marion Ten Cate
Breed Expert Judge from Holland

Introduction of  the FCI Judge :  Marion ten Cate – kennel Own Delight Shelties

I grew up with dogs. My parents got their first Sheltie in 1964. In 1970 we bought more Shelties and American Cockers. That was our introduction to the Dog World. Showing and training became a hobby and part of life of the family.  I started to train and show my dogs at a very young age. In 1976 I became Dutch Obedience Champion at the Winner Show.

Our kennel name is ‘Own Delight’. The first Sheltie litter was born in 1975. We only bred a litter when we had the intention to keep a dog. All dogs live in the house and are part of the family. That is why we have now,40 years later, bred only six generations. But every generation gave us a Show Champion and  we bred 4 following generations show champions We had 16 Sheltie champions in all colours. My pride and joy was my  dog CH. Own Delight’s Pascal who was a dual champion. He is a Show Champion and  in 2006 he became  also Agility champion at the age of 9 years. I have two Show Champion  daughters of him with which I still train agility.

I studied Biology and specialized in animal (dog) genetics. My first  judges assessment in Holland was in 1996 for Shelties. In 2001 I also passed the judges training scheme in England for  Shelties. I am at the A1 list for Breed Specialist and at the A1 list for Belgian Shepherds in the UK. I have a brought interest in everything that has to do with dogs.

So I judge FCI Group 1 and nearly FCI Group 5 and some breeds in other Groups. I judged in many countries ao. Australia and South-Africa. I  judged  over  300 CACIB/CAC shows and in total over a 30.000 dogs including 4000 Shelties and 4500 Belgian Shepherds.

Next to being a judge I am involved in several committees and I give seminars about breed Standards and Construction of dogs and Genetics. So dogs are not only a hobby but also a way of life. I love it.


Each dog will be evaluated with a judgment form using scores from 0 to 10 evaluating the following aspects:


At the end of the event, the judging papers will be sent by email to the owner of the dog and made it public, so as everyone can look at the other dogs and try to understand and learn strengths and weaknesses. The intent is not to create competition, but to learn how to evaluate a dog and make everyone more aware how a sheltie should be according to our standard.

Every partecipant will receive a discount for online shopping.
1st, 2nd, 3rd of every category will receive a special award.

Judging from a photo is really difficult, in this way we loose precious aspects for which it is necessary to touch and see the dog in real, such as the dentition, the possible lack of teeth, the presence of both testicles for males, the depth of chest, the quality of the coat, the personality / character in the ring, the presentation of the dog etc.

What will come out is a general impression of the dogs, what can be seen from that single photo with the dog in that specific position, with that light, etc. Judgment cannot be technical and professional as in real life.


Martina Ossola
0039 347 1539867


With sending of the pictures and video, the author allowed the organizator to publish them online.
Every author is responsable of the pics and declare to have all rights on the pics and video.
The organizator will not share the pics and video in other situation outside this event.