My name is Martina Ossola. I was born on 1995. Today I live in a village near Varese.

It was 2008, when I first get to know the Shetland Sheepdog and from that moment the boundless love for this small and energetic breed has increased day by day.

The interest and the great passion for dogs has always been part of my life. Unfortunately my parents have not allowed me to keep a dog as long as I life under their roof. So I focused myself on cats, ducks, turtles, chickens and rabbits.
One day my beloved cat passed away, it was really painful for me. Finally my parents decided to allow me to take in a dog, but it should be a small sized dog. I searched online for a long time. I was sifting through all breeds, because I wanted a dog with specific characteristics. Then I found this little herding dog and it was immediately a thunderbolt: a small dog and so elegant, beautiful, active, energetic.

The Shetland Sheepdog was a combination of all what I was looking for in a dog.

Finally and after months of waiting, my life as a “Shetland sheepdog owner” began. I went to pick up Arky, my first puppy.
Initially I did not have much time to spend with him. I played volleyball at a competitive level and the high school took a lot of time. Arky followed me to the gym and he enjoyed watching the game from the platforms. After a few years, I had to make a difficult choice. I could dedicate myself to volleyball at high levels and make a career. I had the chance for an easily great sporting future, but my heart was fixated on dogs.

So I decided to follow the passion, that I always ha and. I gave up volleyball. As ambitious as I am I could not continue in a lower level team, because my character is very competitive, I always give my best and cannot do things halfhearted.

I still was so young and had no car licence. Thanks to my mother, which did drove around. I started a series of practical experiences with Arky: puppy course, basic education course, agility dog ​​and pet therapy operators.
I shared everything with him. He was everywhere with me such as traveling all over Italy and even abroad.
Arky was the beginning of my biggest dream to come true: my life, my work and my passion for dogs, with a boundless love for these little sheepdogs.

Today I am a student of Breeding and Healthy of animals at Veterinary Medicine in Lodi. I am a dog trainer of 3rd level FISC for agility dog, ​​ I am also working as a dog sitter and wedding dog site since lot of years.
In August 2017 Olly gave birth to my first litter.
In spring 2019 I received the confirmation of my shetland sheepdog kennel name FILLORY.

I will always be grateful to my family, my mother in particular. I thank my boyfriend Jacopo for the support and patience with me.