Next litters are planned for Summer 2024.
If you are interested in one of my puppies
please contact me with the form you can find in the page “contacts”.
Early booking recomended.

Fillory puppies are raised from birth to be enrichment seekers who enjoy challenges and are ready to all life adventures. These puppies are really “thinkers” and you must be prepared to live with this kind of puppies. I believe that living with a puppy free thinking, self confident, curious and always ready to work is the best thing a sheltie buyers can have, but this is not for everybody of course.

My goal is to breed the best shetland sheepdogs in temperament, conformation, health and performance.
When I breed a litter I make a lifetime commitment: I like to create a nice relationship with all people who take a Fillory puppy, it is like we are a big family.
I have created a Facebook group specifically for our puppy families! It is a private group to keep in contact every owner of a Fillory’s dog, where you can see your puppy’s brothers and sisters growth, check out cute photos and videos. It’s also a great place to go for advice.

The very first period of socialization in a puppy life lies in our hands, the breeders. Good and responsible socialization takes lot of time and energies! This kind of experiences will last the entire adult life.
For me this is really important and I have decided to follow the Puppy Culture program to raise my litters. This is a step by step socialization method from birth to 12 weeks old.
I choose best future homes for puppies in my opinion.

Fillory Shelties puppies:

  • are well socialized with people, other dogs, children
  • grow in the house with high individual attention
  • grow with protocols of early neurological stimulation and socialization programm
  • are introduced to walk on a leash with collar or harness
  • are introduced to kennel
  • are introduced to nail cut and grooming
  • are used to pee and poop in a specific area
  • make experience of travel in the car
  • leave with a puppy kit
  • are sold with a contract
  • are vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed
  • have regular italian pedigree ENCI
  • are checked by a vet that give us a paper of good health

To have more information visit the page “how I breed