I did fall in love with the Shetland Sheepdog in 2008, when I started my researches about the breed. I was looking for the right puppy for myself.

My motto is “beauty and brain”: Shelties can be both nice and good working dog and not only one thing.
My focus is breeding healthy Shetland Sheepdogs much more, than just a good character. I am breed all-rounders, which can take part at a dog show, can do agility, are able to herd sheep and can do other sports. Proper energy dogs are the outcome of my breeding program. Build to be lovely family pets and always ready to please their owners.
I personally do not believe in the separation of “show line” and “working line”. True shelties are combining both!

FILLORY Shetland Sheepdog puppies grow up in a family environment in Lombardia, Italy. They are located in a little town near Varese. They are widely socialized and are grown to their full potential. This is possible through socialization programs and protocols designed for early sensorial and neurological stimulation.

Feel free to check my website out and get some information about the Shetland Sheepdog, about my dogs, my breeding program and about myself.

I will fill you in how I breed shelties. Give you my view about the importance to buy a puppy from a responsible breeder. Why a pure breed high quality shelties worth every cent? What kinds of cost are standing behind a reputable and sensible breeding program.


With a total amount of 32 CAC, 11 CACIB, 11 BOB, 30 BOJ, 17 BOS, 17 RCAC, 13 RCACIB
we closed this championship titles in Italy and abroad:

  • 2 International Champion
  • 1 Italian Champion
  • 4 Junior Italian Champion
  • 1 Junior San Marino Champion
  • 1 Junior Monaco Champion
  • 1 Estonian Champion
  • 1 Croatian Champion
  • 1 Monaco Champion
  • 1 San Marino Champion


  • 3 dogs with NHAT
  • 2 dogs with HWT
  • 2 dogs in Herding Traditional Style Class 2