Arkansas Amadeus


Arky is my first sheltie and he helped me to start this adventure.
He is the perfect family dog. He is calm and quiet in the house. So much that, you can forgot he is even there. He is polite and never destroyed anything.
When we leave for walks or games he is always ready, if it is a walk for 30 minutes or a daily trip.
He is always in a great coat condition, with a beautiful dark sable color.
Arky loves the whole family. Together we made lot trips all around Italy and abroad together.
I am very lucky to have Arky. When he arrived, I was only 13 years old and I knew less about the breed or how to select a dog.
I just wanted to be sure, that he has a pedigree, but I did not pay no attention to healthy parents.
Anyways he is healthy. Arky is now starting to hear less and cannot more make big jumps due to his age but never had any big problems until now!


15.04.2008 / 21.02.23